Waterways Trust Newsletter - Oct 07


Green Light for Fund

The Waterways Trust has joined with UK Boat Hire to try to reduce the carbon footprint of the day-to-day operation of our waterways.

The Trust has established the Green Fund specifically to invest in low carbon technologies and other environmental projects to help mitigate the carbon emissions and environmental impact of managing the waterways.

"From ecological developments to water treatment and renewable energy sources, the Green Fund means the Trust, with British Waterways and other partners, will be able to develop a wide range of projects to benefit the environment of our canals"
Roger Hanbury, Chief Executive of the Waterways Trust, said:

UK Boat Hire will be donating a percentage of the profits from each holiday booked with them to the fund. Holidaymakers are also being invitied to offset the impact of their travel to and from their boat, by makinga voluntar contribution to the fund.