Waterways World - Oct 09



A personal tribute from John Stirzaker

Christine Thompson was a lifelong waterway enthusiast, and in particular she was active in the Trent & Mersey Canal Society.

Before her death in April, she was the receptionist for 15 years at the ABC Leisure Group’s Anderton Marina, and made a big impact on all who met her.  Staff at the marina wanted to erect a permanent memorial to their much-loved colleague, and it was chief engineer Trevor Blackhurst who suggested a bench.

An approach to British Waterways secured an old balance beam, appropriately from a lock on the Trent & Mersey Canal in the Rode Heath area.  Trevor Blackhurst then cut a section from the oak beam, and carved a simple inscription.

This lasting tribute to Christine is now outside the marina reception, and with due ceremony, some of Christine’s ashes were placed in the base.  Her husband Ted was very moved by the marina staff’s gesture.